Thanks so much for visiting our website. We trust you will be pleasantly surprised with the products we have to offer.

Niche is a specialist importer of fine, premium contemporary furniture and design pieces. We are constantly focused on quality and fine design.

We provide a Nationwide distribution service to the Design, Interior Finishing, Comercial and Architectural Market Sectors, our aim is to provide a personally selected range of fine items for our clients, encompassing professional, knowledgeable and dedicated service. Our pieces are of the highest quality, adding luxury and defining design to Commercial, Retail and Residential Habitats countrywide.

We have offices in The Western Cape and Johannesburg providing delivery services to the rest of Southern Africa. Items are specifically built and imported as required, so please feel free to browse our website and see the defining range we offer. Remember to visit regularly, as we often have new designs being added.

If you require a particular style or design, please speak to us, we will try and accomodate your requirements.

If you want it we will Source It.  Main Stream we are Not........Specialist and Dedicated we Are!

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